About Gambit

Why we exist

We believe in entrepreneurship

We believe people should bet on themselves.
That they should take risks.

We believe that life is an everyday choice between growth and fear.
The fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of pain, of what they’ll say.

To do something great you have to fall on your face. A lot.
Because success doesn’t happen in a day.
Or on the first try.

It’s hard and it hurts.
But the willingness to take a beating and get back up is what separates
those who never start and end up with regrets and “what if”s.
From those who try and end up proud and complete.

We believe in entrepreneurship.

Or Lev-Cohen
Founder and CEO

Why Gambit?

A gambit (from Italian gambetto) is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices material with the aim of achieving a subsequent positional advantage.

A startup is a real-life gambit.
The name is a homage to entrepreneurs.

What our clients say

Take it from them

First time I enjoyed working with a contractor. %%Gambit integrated perfectly with our team and worked fast.%% Can’t recommend them enough.

Omer Bachar

CEO and Co-Founder

%%Customers visit the new site and finally understand what we do.%% The change was so clear; 0→1.

Alon Yariv

CEO and Co-Founder

%%I love the small details in our new website.%% I’m sure it will increase our funnel of user registration.

Nir Gazit

CEO and Co-Founder

The new website makes us look like a big company. %%It converts leads and gets us to the next stage with prospects.%%

Ben Luria

Co-Founder and CEO

Gambit is unlike any other partner We've worked with. %%They gave us total peace of mind and perfected every tiny detail.%%

Amit Yamplosky

Founder and CEO

I expected 2-3 weeks of iterations with me doing the heavy-lifting. %%Gambit stepped up and finished a week's worth of PMM work in a single day.%%

Tom Granot


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