timeOS’s website is attractive and fun. But startup websites should sell, not entertain.

The messaging is vague and the content slightly repetitive. So there’s a lot to improve. Fortunately, text updates are quick and easy. So a little effort could go a long way.

Hero Section

This hero section looks cool.

It has all the right design features:

  • Dark background with purple glows
  • Big centered heading
  • High-contrast Call to Action

Let’s start with the heading:

“Your own personalized AI” is not a compelling value proposition. It doesn’t highlight any benefit or solution.

It is also unclear how “everywhere you meet” is connected to the first line. (“So I have my own AI everywhere? What does that mean? 🤔”)

The hero heading is supposed to grab. Entice the customer to keep reading.

And it misses the mark by quite a lot - the “money time” is wasted.

The CTA (Call to Action) text can also be improved.

People don’t install stuff before the value is super clear. Calling the user to this high-friction action so early is fighting an uphill battle.

I’d change the CTA to “Check it out”. And add another step. A popup or page that clarifies the value proposition and creates trust.

Only then will I ask them to “Add to browser”.

Demo Section

Here again, the video is beautifully animated, but the content is lacking.

The video player grows to fill the screen.

Long paragraphs of large text appear and disappear fast.

Cards and buttons flash. It’s very hard to grasp what’s happening.

And all the while this super cute bear/fox thing grabs all the attention.

It’s clear that this product helps with emails and meetings. But apart from that, the video doesn’t provide a clear sense of this it’s value.

I would recommend slowing down the video. Removing the distracting animals in the background. And adding clear titles that explain what’s going on.

Press Section

This is a nice touch.

Startups that can get on these tier 1 media outlets should flaunt it.

It would be better if this section switched places with the Testimonials Section though.

Appearing in the press is good, but a pretty vague signal. Not as strong as concrete testimonials from actual users.

Features Section

timeOS do well to show us the product (or at least an animated UI) every chance they get.

This is good and important because it creates trust.

Visitors will have many questions and doubts, but “does this thing really exist?” is probably not one of them.

But The product animations here are identical to those we see in the video above.

The economy behind the asset repurposing is clear.

But once the visitor “gets the trick” it’s disappointing and hurts the hard-earned trust.

The messaging could use some work though.

Words like “productive” and “effortlessly” don’t persuade. They’re too vague and easy to claim.

Same goes for “ultra-precise” and “right where they belong”.

Effective messaging is concrete and concise. Every word counts.

These 4 sentences do little to entice the visitor and position the product as more than “another AI summary tool”.

Positioning in this dark-red ocean is not an easy task. But that’s exactly why it’s critical.

A general design note - did you notice the 3 colorful “glows” that appear in every section?

Purple on top. Pink and light blue on the sides. They are actually “glued” to the screen, and not duplicated in each section. This is another efficient and economical design choice.

But it creates a poor experience.

Scrolling through the website, I feel stuck in place. And am constantly distracted by these colorful blobs. There’s no “white space” (black space in this case).

Benefits / Features Section

The purpose of this section is not so clear. The messaging hardly provides any new information. And most images are similar to those we’ve seen twice already.

There’s a small “benefit heading” in each card. But next to the text-filled images they are hardly noticeable.

The recurring animal pictures are cool and beautiful. But also confusing. How does adding an animal make the AI mine? 🤔

Remember the golden rule of marketing - “If you confuse, you lose.”

People are lazy. Confusion = thinking and effort = bad impression.

Integrations Section

timeOS should work seamlessly with the rest of my virtual life. So integrations are a core feature. Important to present.

But it would be better to also present what these integrations mean. What they does. How they work.

The goal here is to create trust and handle objections. Merely seeing these logos doesn’t do enough of that.

Testimonials Section

Finally, some testimonials!

Real people saying concrete things about the product. Telling my why it’s valuable.

Testimonials can be marketing gold. And should be treated as such.

So I’d push this section up as far as I can. Emphasizing the 5-6 most important words in each quote.

And please, god, ditch this impossible-to-read italic.

Security (?) Section

This is a unique section. Most companies don’t present their security approach on the homepage.

So I’m guessing that this was a major objection in customer interviews.

The execution here is good. Icons provide good context. Card headings are short and concrete.

Nice job.

Call to Action Section

CTA sections should have a short, enticing value proposition. But this heading is self-absorbed and says nothing about the customer. Or why he should click.

Remember - customers don’t care about anything but themselves.

“OK, so it’s available...So what?”

“Ready to meet your AI?” or “Get timeOS now” would work better.


timeOS’s website is attractive and fun. With its sleek design and smooth product animations.

But startup websites should sell, not entertain.

The messaging is vague and the content slightly repetitive. So there’s a lot to improve. Fortunately, text updates are quick and easy. So a little effort could go a long way.

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